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6Hr WWII Documentary

This six hour so-called documentary piece of literature actually titled "Adolf Hitler, The greatest story never told" calls Hitler Germany's messiah right at the outset of the video and even goes so far for crissakes as extolling the imagined virtues (so-called) of SS Officers in what they feel was the determined tenacity in which they went about executing their mission. As such I label it hate propaganda right off the bat, and wish to differ with the narration style and manner including such comments as that Hitlers Generals were in some cases too weak to do the right thing and bring victory which is why German suffered losses and defeat - bullshit if you ask me - just an excuse for Hitler to keep on killing and demanding his officers to do so on what were downright seen as suicide missions all too many times for crissakes. The narrator says we place too much emphasis on (Human) intelligence and no enough on (bestial perhaps) toughness instead in our value system and sense of alternate idealism of sorts befitting the mind employed by Hitler in what his madness, whether at the very top levels or in the ruthless SS division - most of what the folklore and movie industry seems to focus on and wish us to be left with as the memory of that period in regards to German/EU WWII History and Hitler as their leader.

I can tell you that it is quite possible for a sane enough mind, in my own view only folks, I'm being honest here, bear with me, that if a great leader of Germany at that time could no longer accept the harsh unbearable conditions that were placed by her enemies on Germany in the Treaty of Versailles (Our History Prof in University - a very learned man - dunno if he was Jewish - maybe - said that the conditions they forced Germany to live with were clearly unsustainable and would have eventually forced Germany to fight to be freed of massive reparation payments a poor starving nation couldn't afford at the time). And this, in a land with our best known spirits - the likes of which the world has never seen such as Paul Newman Melanie Griffith etc - that is who the Germans are in actuality despite much of what they live around who lack their spirit for crissakes or intelligence fer shure! Just see the movie "The White Ribbon" from Germany's movie making industry to see for yourself - people who should be ashamed to pick on Jews as being inferior to them when in such obvious cases as the doctor shown in that movie shows such an ugly spirit of character to what is German (despite being supposedly "gentile") while I can tell you some of my best employers have been Jews who by comparison to this turkey were saints - like Sid Kaplan - former sales Manager for DEC (Digital equipment Corporation) in Edmonton Alberta and a client or two I had when I was in software development in Toronto years later - I even considered them family to me even though we disagreed on the Palestinian question often and was disappointed to be left off the list to come to their sons wedding at their home however. Seemed unfair. They came to our wedding reception following the wedding at the Lebanese church where Elizabeth my French Australian wife already had made friends of Father Charbel the preacher there before we even met..

Anyway, a great leader could well have been driven to start a war to free Germany from oppression and the killing off of its best spirit by the imposed sanctions in effect by allied enemies back then. Hell because Germany wasn't allowed to maintain its own army in areas of its own, France was able to invade there and enforce reparation payments supposedly including putting Germans into forced labour situations. So it would have been only a fool who might think Germans would accept these injustices a moment longer. Also, if you have the best people on board in your own space and envision a threat therefore from the planet against being overrun (say by unwanted migrants as Europe has been in recent times) then you might want to pre-emptively clear the threat off wherever you think it might posit itself from someday, sadly a Jewish leading spokesperson based in Sweden makes the statement on the video (its also on the Documentary on migration by the group calling itself "Politically incorrect Europe" that Jews are happy to see the migration phenomenon happening to europe and dont care about being negatively felt about as a result - wow! (She says it will "save europe" to have mass migration from African and even sharia law proponent areas for crissakes)

Anyway, Hitler turned out to be a disaster as he wasn't fighting for our best nor was he fighting sanely. He was a psychopathic deranged killing machine advocating "Brutes" as being the best for of men, negating or ignoring the human qualities which should come first with strength only in support of these higher faculties for crissakes - or beast is what you are Hitler, and beast you will remain in our eyes I say! that mainly was the cause of the destruction of our own peoples chances in Germany and Europe, who might have had sane leadership instead and gone on to thrive by comparison to what has happened instead since. Lots of interesting footage with controversial claims made all along seeming including a claim that President Truman was a sown Klansman - something he apparently never took seriously as an accusation and continued to deny it out of hand. Who's to tell, or even care anymore with BLM types running amok with seeming broad based support would you believe!

Michael Rizzo Chessman
(moviesbyrizzo documentary uploads)