A Conversation regarding the Iraq war
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This is a one hour interview/conversation between two media personalities -
 namely Actor Mr. Woody Harrelson and Jewish born Academic Scholar and
Author Mr. Howard Zinn https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_Zinn It should be
 acknowledged that the late Howard Zinn was an anti-war activist
and this may have affected his views as stated in this video being uploaded
here in which he recounts that George Bush simply said he didn't really care
as to whether Iraq had any weapons of mass destruction at the time - the
 prospect that he might get them in the future (for revenge perhaps) was his real
 concern, he asserted back then apparently. Zinn also makes clear that in his view
 "the entire world" was against the destruction of Iraq which took place. You
 should certainly count me in among those certainly too.  In my own view, (my
 parents are of middle eastern descent despite my own sense of Identity being
 mainly Italian-British altogether - without any doubt whatsoever) Iraq only invaded
 Kuwait after asking permission of the USA (on July 25th 1990 in a video recorded
 session subsequently released into the public domain) (despite it it being none of
 their business I think) - having put the question to then US Ambassador to Iraq Ms.
 April Glaspie in advance Iraq was in a good moral position to insist that the few
 sheikhs in Kuwait who controlled oil riches there share with other Arab brethren in
 my own regard to social justice in these matters thinking in particular of the good
 folks in Lebanon of which there are a good many I believe too! There was no
 excuse on gods green earth for the massive destruction of Iraq by western forces
 which followed. George Bush and Tony Blair were in my opinion bigots against a
 real stronghold at the time of what remained of a more fully vibrant human spirit
 on the planet (which cared for its own in genuine merit) - despite any pleas to
 ignorance on the merits of the Iraqi position in invading Kuwait I believe. The
 sanctions also took a real toll on what remains of the human spirit in the area (the
 same applies to previous sanctions against the Iranians too I believe) The middle
 east has enough problems with religious fanaticism, oppressive regimes related
 thereto (Saudi Arabia in particular) and inhuman terrorists that are home-grown
 freaks that defy sanity in what is the realm of conceivable human conduct. We
 must do our bit to annihilate all of these impediments to a civilized existence for all
 good folks who remain in the area in general. But we must do what we must to
 eliminate poverty for the good which exists there and to prevent further harm
 through unnecessary wars and renewed sanctions (such as Trump keeps
 threatening against our folks in Iran) - on these whom I consider a good enough
 people to have given me a beautiful start in life with their generosity of spirit and
 kindness of a genuine Christianly spirit I found.

Michael Rizzo Cheesman
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