Netanyahu at War PBS video - Shimon Perez shown

(PBS Frontline Documentary)
"Netanyahu at war"

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This video chronicles pretty much the full range of events key to describing the developments in the mideast conflict involving Israel with its neighbours with the United states forced to take part alongside Israel in the main due largely to a population with a Bush-like mindset which prefers Israel as friends I would gather over the folks in the entire mideastern area opposed to this unmerited style of marriage. Even under the Obama Presidency, 3Billion continued to flow in arms aid annually (even now!) to keep Israel armed in the conflict with its neighbours while objecting to so-called "terrorism" and nuclear ambitions of Iran despite the monopoly given Israel in this respect of its own actions in the area broadly speaking over many decades - too long for human conscience to allow to continue I have to say at long lat at this juncture of my campaign for a Humanism based revolution on the planet to depose the mindset which feeds on this continuing oppression of the folks involved everywhere it seems we see this phenomenon at work. We have seen great men of conscience along the way give it their best - The Right Honourable best President Mr. Bill Clinton gives us wise advice of Chrstianly merit and gesture that best comes from a man of his spirit at the core I say. He points out that people who are pre-occupied irrationally too perhaps, with hate for their enemies become sick in their spirit so as to be unable to care for their own. We cannot allow this to continue for those who are in fact genuinely good caring and loving people which describes all too many of the victims of this conflict and may be the root cause of the campaign against such spirits continuing as good and decent souls on the planet by wearing down such spirits as cannot allow to die any longer. Our campaign must involve the end of sanctions talk against Iran, and improvements in Latin America etc in economic strength as impoverishing our people is a way to kill our spirit too over generations I fear. Time to put an end and see the most merited bet the best. Its all well and good to point the finger squarely at the enemy as does George Bush and others of his own mindset in this video, using the words "Evil" to describe the oppressed in the mideastern areas (conveniently I assume) We need only to look to the words of conscience from the great Sir George Galloway.(happens to be from Scotland - but is French German mainly in such overflowing great human spirit I would say) who would probably describe Bush as the villian instead as he does on youtube clips we have at our site and upload here for you in the past. Shimon Prerez of Israel also showed human spirit of truest merit and was attacked openly for this "sin" it would appear such as when a mob threw stones and "rocked" the car he was in.

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