The Politician's wife

The Politician's wife (british mini-series)

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This British mini-series "The Politician's wife" is a rather interesting look at 
some particular individuals in society that enjoy being vindictive. 

I say in this case that's depicted in this great series - why not just a simple 
divorce rather than a vendetta to destroy! 

There is an interesting sex scene in Episode 1 (approx 46 mins into the program) 
where a marital disagreement turns into a sexual encounter seeming to pave the 
way to reconciliation as appears to be the intent on the part of Trevor Eve's 
character it would appear. Rather complex issues raised I would think (sexual
privileges - possible charge of being a sexual aggressor etc)

A nice fella who was a member of the Italian community of Canada sitting in the
House of Parliament as a full MP went out with a female member of the NDP party (a fellow
MP no less) and even though their intimacy (sexual encounter) was deemed pleasant enough 
I suppose and certainly consensual seeming at the time in what may have appeared to have 
been a nice enough way to spend an evening - hell she even supplied the condom on her own 
seeming accord - she later complained that the Canadian Criminal code requires the woman to 
enounce the word "yes" to a point blank question of consent privileges for the man in question, or 
he is in fact fallen short of the law's idea of validity of consent despite what any human beings in 
command of their own seeming faculties would regard otherwise instead.

Go figure!!

Time to turf em all out on the ear as it were that can make up their own inane seeming rules to
apply only when they feel the need to target someone not of their own mindset it would appear 
otherwise instead

Michael Rizzo Chessman
(moviesbyrizzo special HD conversion posting for you).