SS-GB (BBC Series) SS-GB
(BBC) (2018) UK

This series looks somewhat perhaps at how the British and Germans might possibly have related and interacted had the Germans taken over all of Europe at the end of WWII, having won, of course.
When I began my campaign to unite all of the folks there under the best spirited
leadership agenda and constituent composition I did email all then sitting German
members of Parliament individually back in 2005/2006 including Chancellor Angela
Merkel to declare that the spirit of the best Germans was in fact the spirit of the
Irish and in Christianly practice is not only superior to acting against, but is in fact
instead supreme. In practice, little remains of this wisdom on the planet it seems,
because British originated folks like George Bush and his mindset over back in
Britain have found friends and ideas of 'equal" orientations of existing from elsewhere they'd like to sell us on it would appear. Hogwash! I say be the best people we can be, using what remains of the best of real human stocks with the best capacities for Christianly engagement (in spirit I mean) and let that replace what of the Irish have to give way to the future to continue their own legacy in even better form and fashion i submit, than they might have achieved on their own, despite being the best in intent which they have been no doubt i submit. (The email version I sent the members of parliament in Ireland declared them "Gods trues t chosen people" in my own mind - for being such a greatest truest Chrsitianly mindset on the planet in my own view in their presence always i feel) thanks for you on-going support of our British and European content - grazie merci gracias danke and tack (equally)

Michael Rizzo Chessman