A Bronx Tale (1993)  

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This is a movie directed by Robert De Niro himself, he brought the movie to the screen
after seeing a version of it on Broadway, in an initial script version by co-star and
playwright Mr. Chazz Palminteri

It has a controversial (even today) statement on what potential lies in what race mix
could be experimented with potentially perhaps, even maybe too, who knows fer
crissakes - there's lots of conflict shown between the white (Italian) areas and the black
areas with molotov cock-tail bombs goin off it seems and the mutual disdain as a result
of the interactions which are filled with negativity and violence which it breeds in the
vagaries presented between warring seeming factions as depicted. The mob culture is
pitted against the idea of earning a working mans wage in what is a bid to keep the folks
safe from violence and prison life too fer crissakes.

Michael rizzo Chessman