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Salaams folks Please note - we plan to make it up to the movie producers-
this movie has not generated enough as yet in the way of revenue to have
been a good return on investment as yet possibly - we plan to make it pay
for Iran and the movie producers concerned. That goes for all the movies
we offer - we plan to be fair to all - at the end of it all - based on all things
considered. We do think that the North American industry wastes much of
revenues from movies that have raked in more than enough over decades
or even close to a century now in such cases as "The Sound of Music" (1964)
as the money seems to be put into trashy material we don't think we need
to consume or see propagated in our midst and would begrudge them any
monies towards such trash ideas of culture as "Zombieland" or "hor-ror" genre
movies in general - so we plan to be more generous with those who have
done well for our world instead with better movie ideas than any such as

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A Separation (Iran 2011) Starring Leila Hatami and Payman Maadi

This movie from Iran was nominated for two Academy Awards including best foreign Picture for 2011 which it won. The other category it was nominated for was best screenplay

Excerpted clip from the movie (despite such incredibly false accusations against
the man for having possibly somehow struck a woman causing a miscarriage
in pushing her back from a scene of an altercation possibly), you can see the
great human decency of this truly lovingly great people we have to spare on
this earth from coming to the same fate as Iraq or Russia when the appetite
for wars brews from such quarters towards the same seeming target sorts yet
again - god forbid!!
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It is an interesting movie from the region of the middle east where many nice people live under a lot of oppression from the regime of mullas potentially which causes some decay of the spirit in which it is allowed to function only below what is the potential without a doubt!.

The people there in my humble estimation continue to be a source of human warmth and kindness - provided they think you mean them no evil harm. In this respect they remain an asset on the planet to those whom they wish to show caring for amongst their kin and to do so in a truly genuine spirit

As for the unfortunate displays of evil shown in this movie - the making of false accusations of a grave nature that they are showing in this movie have to be rejected as tactics that one is allowed to or tolerated to employ - as no doubt most people there already think it should. However there are still scripted to show some could be still capable of abandoning their real conscience for a time to lash out at others in this way when they feel harmed in some way as the movie tries to show for the benefit of mankind I believe. Its a sad thing to witness in any culture or society and all good folks on the planet should find a way to cast out all ideas of anyone ever acting that way towards a good person in our midst I say.

Good luck to the friendly folks of Iran and thanks for this great picture - I hope for a quick end to the cruel and evil regime of sanctions that are yet again being inflicted on such generous folks (as Anthony Bourdain found too in his visit there - We've  posted a video of his visit too) - as sanctions of this sort harm the spirit and cause degeneration over time - as all those concerned are aware of- including the ruling regime there which should reject the need for nuclear weapons in such a fragile climate as exists in the middle east today I believe - and others too elsewhere there I think certainly equally as such. In any event Iran was in compliance - and that hasn't been good enough for the troublemaker Trump and his friends who wish to do cruel harm it is obvious to all fair observers in the west just as much i am led to believe.


Michael Rizzo Chessman