Sir Paul Newman
with Miss Sally Field

Sunt quaedum vitiorum elementa
"There are certain rudimentary beginnings to all vice"

Absence of Malice (1981) 

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Sir Paul Newman received a well deserved Oscar (as best actor)
nomination for his Lead role in this movie - the best of men I say!

The movie essentially says this to us:

The absence of malice is what makes the difference as to whether a
man is guilty of rape even if a woman is seeming to consent -  (no
woman can in reality give consent to masochistic urges as they are
inherently mentally unwell that have such tendencies to inflict or suffer
such cruelties) - and therefore in all cases of what we call "tort" injuries
- we look to the presence and degree of malicious intent both prima
facie and otherwise apparent under the surface in order to determine
guilt and the extent of it - in the harm caused a member of society by
another of its own constituents.

Simple negligence in carrying out ones duties is a different sort of an
infraction in the minds of a reasonable man than would be so in the
case of outward willingness and desire to do harm to someone -
(without regard to justice). This movie drives that point home.

One of the best movies of our time.

Sally Field gives a great performance "equally"

Michael Rizzo Chessman