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All in the family

Starring Mr. Carroll O'Connor

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This is the most controversial (at the time) up to then TV Sitcom series ever aired in the US It mainly featured Archie Bunker (Played by the wonderfully Irish spirited Mr. Carroll O'Connor) He plays a man who is full of truth and decency of his own kind and the views he would want to be open with (without being mean if he could help it certainly - he only tried to be fair to his sort which was being assailed by a scope of change unparalleled in US history in regards to attitudes on race, marital infidelity, women's issues, and basic cultural mores in respect of moral attitudes all around. He takes as good as he gives, often rude or condescendingly spoken to in retorts by those he seeks to challenge with his views which were already seeming politically incorrect right from the start of the revolutionary period then underway. For a man who presents well and has great spirit, I find it hard to bear that he is saddled with Jean Stapleton to play his wife o the show. He is allowed a fling with a gal of his own spirit (obviously showing to all I submit) when he meets a beautiful blonde waitress who speaks his language intuitively as they share a mindset on matters generally speaking one would rightly venture to suppose more so no doubt. Miss Sally Struthers who is similarly saddled with a man whose values go against her norms, in one scene Mike (her husband) fails to intervene when an assault against a woman takes place on a subway by the woman's husband and leaves iy to Miss Struthers instead to do the bravery in this respect. When he finally throws a punch (which he said he enjoyed as an act he reflected on as it were) after Gloria is flung aside by the assailant, Mike (Rob Reiner's character) then goes on and on about how intervening to save his wife and this other woman on the train went against "all he believed in" as a "sworn pacifist" some folks have little regard for the actual lack of decency in what they consider moral in favour of "political correct" as this display shows to all I say in strongest rems. There is also too much of an effort to try and sell Edith (Jean Stapleton) as a woman of much appeal in whatever her thoughts and looks might be in the minds of the scriptwriters as many men along the way are scripted to find her attractive at unrealistic levels to what they would normally find of appeal I would say without a doubt. In the extreme theres also a nice seeming young chap scripted for crissakes to play out a charade involving rape if you would believe - and this on a sitcom comedy special- wow! Despite some unpopular views (now and back then) Archie espoused openly, he never seemed unchristian to many in what he thought he was trying to assert of his spirited views, and it has to be noted that he denounced the KKK in one scene saying to them he'd be fighting alongside "the black brotherhood" instead, if he through the KKK were being (Unchristian) in tactics as cross burning etc he states. Thanks for seeding this important series, quality is OK until we get HD which we'll get to you toot suite, we'll even be writing the studios soon claiming good conscience in our merited suggestions on making HD quality content completely available through the best means - which we are doing right here to keep the debate going.

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