French quote:
La raison du plus fort est toujuours la meilleure

"The reasoning of the strongest is generally seen by some
as generally seeming always the the wiser"

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Amen (Der Stellvertreter) (2002)

The 1080p versions of this movie on the market do not offer
the German audio that the original DVD version did.
great added
feature offers an  enhanced experience in absorbing the material more richly perhaps
with the added benefit of hearing the audio spoken in the languages of the main characters concerned.

This movie shows that there were objections raised to the atrocities at the death camps, -
such objections coming from good German men such as the main character of this movie.

It also shows similar raising of conscience on the part of Italians such as the Catholic
priest featured in the movie too.

There is a suggestion that the Church could have been more involved in expressing their
horror as to what was going on to so many people in their communities , however that will
remain a controversial view I believe for most of the faithful to whom the story is told.
Most would have feared reprisals at the time no doubt and so did all they could perhaps.
Some controversial views in any event are expressed by Church officials in this brave movie.

Michael Rizzo Chessman