American traitor (2021)  American
Traitor -
The trial of "Axis

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This movie has Al Pacino in a powerful role as he is called upon to
defend an Irish spirit from America, who having lived in Germany in
the years preceding the outbreak of war found herself at the mercy of the Gestapo and had to do some duties she was ordered to, in what was referred to a
s propaganda but was mainly some radio broadcasts aimed at American families and servicemen, trying to soft peddle what the Nazi regime was involved in, trying to make it seem as nothing the Americans couldn't be part of as seeming German too in all of what was going on ultimately. That's naive. That said, its nothing anyone of age couldn't see through or recognize her difficult position as a captive in actuality in Germany at that time, refused permission to leave, and under threat of punishment which could be severe if she was to disobey as she was after all a citizen of a country Germany was at war with and so a prisoner ultimately, the truth be told.

She is brought to trial for her very life in an America that Al Pacino as her lawyer describes as a lynch mob set upon a woman who had
acted only out of self preservation instincts, and the taking of her life under the circumstances should hardly be anything a voice of any conscience could call for fer crissakes all things considered.

The prosecution makes an inane assertion that to have been in fear
for her life
at the time is not a valid defence unless she was to actually suffer the consequences WTF!!!! Seems like anything goes in place of reasoned common sense nowadays on true fairness being engaged in matters of conscience it would appear, as this seems somehow all too often to have lost its appeal in gaining any excitement for the lynch mob mentality assembled in the courtroom against a woman of her spirit on this planet in what is the current climate of hate propaganda using such ideas as "white privilege" for excuses to be harsh and unfair as we find the outcome here too ultimately although her life is spared thanks to the great conscience engagement brought about by the usual brilliant oratory of Al Pacino once more (remember him equally brilliant in the decades earlier movie "And justice for all"

The prosecution does suggest that Germanic women of her spirit were somehow engaged in a quest of
an ambitious nature in what support they gave the men of Germany in all the war effort, forgetting that these women and their men had been drawn into this war through the harshest possible (impossible) terms they laboured under with the treaty of Versailles, which all countries involved had knowingly imposed onto Germany people knowing they were untenable and couldn't be viewed rationally as anything but a device to force Germany into war.

That said, there was madness engaged in what became the German
reaction as they failed to see that the freak minds that were leading -
Hitler/Himmler etc were not of the German spirit such a woman as is on trial here could ever see and anything but alien and oppressive and cruel and dangerous to what is her own makeup, and as such, the real enemy to them all was in fact cloaked as their saviours and this inanity they failed to realize so as to see that they were in fact the very enemy to their spirit that they were in fact attempting to be free of ultimately in whatever wars had come before or could have been envisioned within or involving their communities in their striving to live in merit - hell - even First Lady Laura Bush describes her husband George Bush Jnr as being a type one should beware of as a possibly "chain saw massacre” type one would hardly think such a mind could lead a nation filled with the spirit of the woman charged as a traitor in this movie when in fact the real menace was that of the mindset that was unchristianly bent on cruelty violence and insanity perpetrated against so many in Europe including Russia etc in what was a senseless and barbaric mass murder plot on a mad scale, gone amok. Thank goodness we are to be rid of Hitler now that this becomes clear
god willing Amen.

Michael Rizzo Chessman
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