Among the believers    Among the "Believers" (2015) Pakistan

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This is a documentary out of Pakistan dating back to 2015 - so not so long ago certainly. It looks at the problems of religious fundamentalism and related extremism leading to violence in the perpetration of control over a populace seeking in some cases a more sane raison d'etre a reason for being as it were than that of the "Mullah mindset" of that region and elsewhere on the planet where Islamic teachings are often misapplied from what may have been intended by its founders and early leaders - the reason for the various sects being at the start the problem of succession in regards to the leadership of the adherents resulting in the Shiite (mainly Iran and some in Pakistan Afghanistan and elsewhere in the mideast) versus Sunni sect followings in much of the Arab world particularly Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The latter being the harshest regime in regards to the enforcement of so-called "sharia" or laws made by their religious leaders based on their own interpretation it would appear of what is a good enough way to live for those who decide to follow them as we have seen on the planet in such numbers we are told. Executions are common place as are the severing of limbs as punishment for crimes such as stealing as some folks sent to Australia might have done in a bid to save a family from starving all the way back then.Yet its Australia and new Zealand where the best of the spirit of such related folks from the UK clearly continue to evidence the better spirit in comparison with those who sent them away it would appear in all too many instances - no doubt. Not everyone accused of stealing has a black heart - which cannot be said of those who take their limbs as punishment as that is clearly a barbarous and cruelly inane way to live for those who look at this phenomenon with their sanity and spiritual sense of well being intact I submit with care. back to the documentary at hand - the main feature of this video (in which a then President Musharraf threatened to ban religious extremism and hate for non-believers of their own kind being taught in schools) An interesting televised debate takes place between an academic scholar within Pakistan's own community of thinkers, and a man called a "mullah" or religious leader of sorts (who actually likes to go around with a couple of squad members brandishing assault Rifles of the sort which no doubt would be banned here in the west as depicted by the images in this video of these men. He is also shown being unsure as to how much to pocket of the daily take of monies paid in by ordinary working Pakistanis to help those in need in their community - as he appears to keep returning for more and more which he stuffs into his own pocket instead. (Oh well - every fella's got to live after all I guess). This mullah teaches hate for those who don't listen to his edicts such as banning music as some of his mindset don't get off on thinking of normal people enjoying normal music given that romantic notions of "purpose of life" being to love and care for owns own etc are too much it seems to bear for a mindset set instead upon causing a hateful demeanor and lack of reason for existential ideas of raison d'etre as human suffering rather than human existence in fullness of purpose in being able to care and be as sanely existing rather than continually being pre-occupied with hate towards those perceived enemies who reject such teachings and have other alliances no doubt at times making choices clearly fraught with injustice too it would appear. The academic scholar in the interview tells the Mullahthat the essence Of life should be the ability and capability to be loving with merit rather than hateful towards those with merit Which is all the Mullahs is obviously teaching instead – right down t considering nicest folks as “evil doers” If they listen to normally sounding music rather than so-called religious based chanting all day as apparently folks listening to any kind of normal music become “with evil thoughts” such as of a “romantic nature” which this mullah cant Think as straight on I am willing to bet, and cannot comprehend the normalcy of in normal human affairs and relations As he is ultimately I say a “witch” as shown clearly in his attitudes his countenance, his seemingly quite demonic fixated stares and ultimately in what he says and evidences when in a room where his thoughts can Be picked up on more completely. Fr example this mullah defends the killing of Pakistani schoolchildren Wearing western clothing in a British styles school, as retaliation for the justly tried execution of terrorists Given that this Mullah seems to believe in “an eye for an eye” according to the subtitles showing – with no idea Of what is humanly sane enough of a time and place to use that sort of thinking in. he is in fact insane with An evil minded view of what is just fair and sinful or merited on the contrary on the part of men who he believes Are all born to spend all day memorizing religious verses and practicing oppression of the human spirit while Claiming to be “superior” given his own ideas of what makes a person better – the ability to comply With stupidity in the making of rules and inflicting them on a saner sounder mind in his space, while Seeking to inflict this in spots around Europe with is “sharia patrols” who have been admitted into European space Where they go around practicing harassment of this sorts on Europeans attending bars, listening to music or Wearing less than full covering of their person in the case of women. And these Mullahs These so-called religious types consider themselves superior when abusing others with such ideas Which are non-sensical to sane humane and civilized human being with decent sense of moral conscience engaged and actually working In good order I submit. Lets hope for some change on the planet free of oppressive minds bent on ideas of religious bigotry as Pakistan's own enlightened and educated (or in any event sanest) people are calling for at times in this video within their own realm in any event for their own dear ones sake.

Michael Rizzo Chessman