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Anthony Bourdain - Trip to Iran

Subtitles included for Farsi and we did some work to bring you
matched Arabic subtitles which required extensive work to fix sync and
make adjustments. No other subs found at time of posting - sorry

Although not all imagery shown does Iran's truest nature and beautiful spirit
of the people actual justice, Mr. Anthony Bourdain makes at least a couple
of very astute observations in my own regard in thankfulness to his honesty in this regard.  He says what he found in Iran (minus the ruling regime I should add for the sake of our folks there and everywhere considering the otherwise largely merited comment) were the warmest folks anywhere at all by comparison to anyplace else where he had previously
come equally seeming a stranger at the outset in his own mind too likely no doubt.

He also says of Iran (I know this applies to the best in Beirut too to a similar extent) is that
much of what you see around (the men I should think mainly - many of the women have
France in their makeup instead) resembles what spirit and faces one would remember of
the best memories too of visiting Italy in fact! Ive pointed this truth out to the leaders at the
EU including Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte having hoped for a better outcome of his visit
on behalf of donor nation observers we were all keenly aware of, in his visit to
economically devastated Lebanon where food aid was at the time desperate as is
whatever aid otherwise lacking equal merit being otherwise expended without fairness to
our folks in mind relatively speaking.

Michael Rizzo Chessman
(moviesbyrizzo documentary uploads)