Arthur  Arthur (1981)

Dudley Moore


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I have always loved the hit theme song from this movie ("If you get
caught between the moon and New York City") sung by Christopher

This is quite a funny movie most especially if you like and appreciate
Dudley Moore's sense of humour in particular (as scripted). Our
dear fella it seems just cant seem to get a gal that's good enough for
his humour and sense of sanity ultimately. His lovely fiancee Susan
has a slight problem with honest communication and emotive
stability as it were, around him. Then there's the character played by
actress Liza Minelli who has a siege mentality at times (as scripted)
and an openly dishonest approach to things at times such as
shoplifting and then being rude to the store detective "to boot".

And then the street prostitute he picks up additionally isn't any match for his judgment either I'm sure and without a doubt too.

Anyway, a truly enjoyable sorta movie just with Dudley Moore!

Michael Rizzo Chessman