Biutiful (Spain) Javier Bardem stars

Biutiful (2010) (Spain) (Javier Bardem)

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Academy award nominee for Best foreign picture and best actor (Javier Bardem)

This movie shows what is an example of a great man on the planet altogether I say, Javier Bardem of Spain - I know no kinder gentler caring man than a man like him (as is Jose Beltran from Chile - my brother in law these past several decades) or Clement (from Italy - a greatest man imaginable - who is Italian in his case).  These men all radiate the truest sense of idealism and genuine capacity to love and care as the best of human beings as men that is, and this man shown in this movie has mideastern roots too possibly - Iranian or Lebanese perhaps. They all share the same basic core of human decency that have this level of caring idealism showing to the extreme. God bless them all and may they have all which is their due in respect of the best womenfolk to share their lives with and with all they could possibly need in regards to provisions and resources of the planet in order for us to have been fairer and see them through their lives on the earth without degenerating their spirit from the desperate poverty depicted in this movie that all too many of our family members in Italy and Spain have had to endure with little to show in the way of sanity in what it is we choose to do with such resources instead - such as expensive arms industry acquisitions to terrorize the planet with where these men are, and huge waste related thereto - resources which could do some good instead if redirected to these great folks I speak of - on the basis of merit alone. The unfairness on the planet to these best sort of men must be brought to an end I submit, without delay

Michael Rizzo Chessman