"Blacks and Jews" a 1997 PBS Documentary recently
viewed at kanopy.com


This 1997 PBS Documentary looks at the issues that have brought Blacks and Jews together into what both have believed to be a common cause along the way, and the ways in which they have worked together on the political front. It also considers divisive issues between the two respective camps such as comments shown being made by Black Leader Farrakhan of an anti-semitic nature certainly and an interview of Al Sharpeton refusing to renounce him for it (it seems). Also shown is an interview with noted Jewish Director - the late Mr. Arthur Hiller who was born in my former hometown of Edmonton Canada and in which he comes across clearly as a warmly humanly intelligent person who shows responsiveness to concerns that he is altogether quite willing to deal with - showing flexibility and care in his manner. All these qualities have no doubt been at the root of his success along with his clear intelligence I believe on matters he deals with regularly - better than the George Bush mindset I believe in any event

Michael Rizzo Chessman (moviesbyrizzo)

I initially viewed this documentary on-line at kanopy.com - a
great service, free to Public library Card holders in areas everywhere