Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and clyde (1967) stars Mr. Warren Beatty
with dear Ms. Faye Dunaway

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This movie stars one of my dear most actors Mr. Warren Beatty of "Reds" (1981) fame - 
a gigantic accomplishment for mankind in what was his true genius by comparison to
those lacking his good natured spirited insights I say! 

It also features dear Ms. Faye Dunaway - these two in this famous movie of the tale of 
two notoriously considered "bank robbers" who blazed through the United States in parts. 

I can only say there will probably never be as good a remake of this movie given the greatest
human character depiction by such great stars in what is the story after all. I would wish to hope
remakes which simply seek to bury the images of such great accomplishments buried instead. 
Imagine for instance trying to be rid of the legacy of dearmost Ms. Julie Andrews likewise - 
(supreme in The Sound of Music Victor Victoria and yes even Mary Poppins I should say) with a 
similarly lack luster remake here too. yuck! 

Michael Rizzo Chessman