Braveheart  Braveheart


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This movie stars the great Mr. Mel Gibson, everyone's among favourite actor I'm sure! Its about the Scottish rebellion against English rule.

A light moment in the movie early on sees a man comment seeming
only half joking in saying "the only problem with Scotland is that it is filled with Scots"

Then there's the Brutish ultimate CAD of a fella who thinks it better to openly slit the throat of a tied up local woman who is exuding some care for her own, rather than pick on a man there of his own size in what was his idea of group punishment. What a sorry excuse for a human being he shows himself to be in this cowardly act if bestial cruelty of the inane it would appear. The fella gets his comeuppance though when Mel Gibson given him a taste of his own medicine in what surely all must agree is poetic justice of the sweetest kind in such regards as these.

Michael Rizzo Chessman