Review of British TV series programming material
(more to come)


There can be no relent in the pursuit of better standards of articulation and discourse
among  our constituents  wherever they may be if we are to endure as a human race
in what is a  worthwhile enough existence - lofty  and idea as that is for all too many I
fear to hasten to add.  In this respect, there can be no greater gift than the example
of the British standards of courtesy  in the past than that of the legacy of the  1971
"Upstairs  Downstairs" series, - a series which opens  our eyes as to a better way to be,
example in  the kinder treatment of women than the  character of "James" in this
series" opts to be in his  treatment of his wife at the time dear "Hazel" -  a fine human
being I say!

Similar examples of needed improvement in our midst come from a showing
of dear Jane Austen's best work - "Pride and Prejudice" which gets the character
of "Darcy" under the scope as to his mindset and approach to the issue of womenfolk
and their fair treatment in respect of what to fathom to say of their
countenance and spirit - in fairness, and without malicious intention perhaps
or so we can only hope for - in the future, with his lesson in mind.

The best of comedy has always been British of course in such fine offerings
as Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister, (an intelligent political series with
a bit of cynical humour no doubt, along the way perhaps) along with the likes
of "Keeping up appearances" and most of all "Fawlty Towers" with dear and
Beautifully spirited Ms. Connie Booth and hilarious antics too by John Cleese.

The series "Waiting for god" has much sarcastic humour in the main, however
the shoddy treatment of a beautiful British gal of Germanic spirit and looks by
a witch of a woman character "Jane" (a bit of obviously gratuitous violence
against the human spirit prevailing with a "pie in the face" is what I refer to here).

Michael Rizzo Chessman, Leader Euro British Coalition


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