britney spears 



This is a 2014 "Documentary" effort on the career of our own dear
Britney Spears of what's left of the good old USA in such dears
including the best we had of Leann Rimes at her peak of
her appeal of old time fashioned song sing hits of her Career -
supremely done, plus the loveliest spirits too as Cybil Shepherd,
Meg Ryan, Melanie Griffith, Meredith Baxter and Jessica Lange
to mention the most well known of what coms to mind additionally
perhaps too.

Its interesting that Britney was earlier turned down at Disney and
by record labels later who many mainly are LGBT market with BLM
marriage minded focus able to say "no" to the beauty of the real
women and also in choices of comments/commentators who are
also likewise cynically focused against our better spirits in giving
them their due as great human spirits loving and beautiful as we
have "had them" rather than simply a "wardrobe trick" you silly
retards they set up to not give us a straight up honest view witch
they simply cannot muster between them or seem to allow to see
bandied about liberally elsehow as it were Shame!!

To each his own - stick to what you actually have the mind to "know"
and do real justice to thereby eh....

Michael Rizzo Chessman