Tros, Tyriusve mihi nullo discrimine agitur
"Trojan or Tyrian - I treat them as the same without discerning
between them..."

"Buying sex" - Documentary on the debate involving criminal treatment by the state of men who are willing to pay women for sexual favours - despite a lack of harm in innocent minds from their doing so (these men that is)

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I have long argued that prostitution be none of the business of the state and that fair rules apply
to protect both men and women from unfair or predatory practices - especially protecting women
from violence or coercive demands which are clearly criminally minded - as there is to be zero tolerance in having such a situation persist in our midst upon determination of the facts in this
respect by fair minded investigators.

The question is this: is a man a criminal (as described to be the law in Sweden and Canada too etc)
just because he explicitly sees a need to bargain for sex - even if he has merited arguments as
to his decency and overall fitness to be a partner in the situation - and is wishing to pay voluntarily
in what would be a mutually agreed upon bargain then?

Many happen to think in old fashioned terms in wanting as men, to be providers to women
and of course as is equally natural, men and women in relationships tend to want to explore sex as
something to give them intimacy and mutual joy of human sharing of themselves if possibly
not something that would then be argued to be "prostitution" as the man may in fact be
paying the bills as has been traditionally our practice as human beings in western societies
especially - whether the relationship lasts an hour, a weekend, or a lifetime! Who's is to say that
is wrong and "inherently abusive to women" in "denying them equality"? The world seems to
have gone insane in using "feigns" as legitimate arguments and many on this video have nothing
but defects in logic and value assumptions in what it is they wish to inflict upon others of their own
seeming witch-like oriented mindsets which may be suspect of misogyny or misanthropy too in some cases - Men who pay for sex in what sounds like situations that would likely be unpleasant for women who are subjected to this sort of abuse are also interviewed or spoken to on the phone.
Hell... many have argued that "marriage is legalized prostitution"  If the man gives no care to
the woman - then who can blame them for saying so if she's forced to meet his needs anyway?
However if there's mutual merit involved - call it what you will its what is natural enough for
many to still want for themselves and their partners in loving spirit I submit!

No one has the right to tell me not to pay a woman I fancy and would like to take care of for
an evening in whatever way pleases her and me as mutually caring human beings potentially.
In such overall  respects I say the state must "butt out" as too many are in power positions
who are offended by normal goings on in what has been human affairs in "fair enough" fashion
I submit - in any event that's the situations in which I say the state is acting "ultra vires"
(legal Latin phrase meaning "beyond its powers") by choosing to interfere in what would
then be clear incompetent manner.

Michael Rizzo Chessman
(michaelrizzoxxx and moviesbyrizzo
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