Caligula  Caligula (1979)

In Latin:
O formose puer nimium ne cride colori

English translation
O wondrous young man, do not try again to deceive
us here too, with just your fairest seeming complexion alone

- citizens of Rome

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The emperor of Rome known as Caligula, was as is the character depicted and shown in this movie version an inhuman barbaric insane monster to who are actually the true people of Rome's spirit Some people I believe are simply born insane and become worse for Hubris if they think they have appeal in some demonic way, or looks which aren't natural for what it is they actually are and do to others ultimately and degenerate I believe into a mind of a witch which takes over in their brain functioning resulting in a cruel disaster for the planet potentially if such evil minds are to win and prevail over those who are instead good - god forbid. Caligula's sister who meets a insane end, is a truly most beautiful woman as shown and should be spared such a fate as to be at the mercy as such a mindset as Caligula as shown, in this movie. Helen Mirren turns in a fine performance - i love her best in "The Long Good Friday" - alongside Bob Hoskins a man of true greatness instead.

Michael Rizzo Chessman