Carlito's way (1993) Al Pacino

Tros, Tyriusve mihi nullo discrimine agitur
"Trojan or Tyrian - I treat them as the same without discerning between them..."

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Carlito's way (1993) (Mr. Al Pacino)

Stars the greatest of men - dear Mr. Al Pacino along with the beautiful and lovely Me. Penelope Ann Miller

A movie about crime gangs and neighbourhoods where drug dealing and the like brings
a way to earn some "quick"money for those trying to make a quick kill

The movie opens with a completely mistakenly scripted bit of dialogue in a courtroom where Al Pacino plays a man about to be released from maximum security prison based
on the new discovery that the evidence against him was faulty in what had been his
conviction. In the speech Al makes to the Judge, he is scripted to suggest he "wasn't
such a nice guy" from his childhood years on.

It is an evil streak which is being played out in my own view of the affair, in having the
greatest of men whose spirit of human decency in what is his sense of manhood ultimately
along with the truest character of merit in real sanity perspectives I say, and with unrivaled
sense of truest idealism in genuine goodness in his soul, to have this man scripted to say such
words is the meanest thing you could do to the men of such spirit when the opposite is what we should seek to instead bestow upon the planet in promoting this genre of decent manhood much greater presence I would submit, rather than to seek to tear down and denigrate through the power of being able to make movies to all too often it would appear, perhaps support an alienated mindset instead to the good that Al Pacino represents in reality as he comes across even on the screen and at all times I submit with care.

His romance with Penelope Ann Miller's character is great to see- she has great beauty on the surface and beneath in what is a most beautiful spirit indeed for all to behold. In real life The men of Al Pacino's character need more justice to reward their great decency and manhood of idealistic greatness with more rewards financially and security without having to resort to crimes such as being involved with illicit gambling house or what have you as they seem doomed to be doing in all too many such movies made about them - as they reject abusive situation such as reporting to "boss' of inferior spirit would involve for their sanity collectively in fact. As such the Al Pacino's of  this world all too often are being denied their due - all the riches there is to be had for men of greatness of spirit and idealistic sense of manhood I would suggest. As such he cant afford to keep a gal in the style' she deserves as Penelope does, as shown in this script. This must change so the two who best deserve each other can in fact survive and flourish and thrive on the planet in general I submit with care.

Michael Rizzo Chessman