Il Caso Collini

The Collini Case




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This is a particularly powerful movie in the force employed to distinguish between what is the human idealism present and looking on in horror, to the barbaric wicked sadistic nature of the beast we see in the atrocity committed against a civilian population in Italy and in particular a little boy who is manhandled by the sadistic murderous to the human spirit Caligulan nature of an SS Commander we see depicted here too. Why would we ever have allowed this to go on? We may never stop asking! Never again! amen

The movie focuses on the legal case before a German court as to whether "the law may be taken into ones own hands" in the case of those monstrous war criminals there can be no excuse to allow go unpunished such as invoking "statute of limitations" type arguments to aid and abet these criminals in our midst - even today it would appear

There is some suggestion that like the movie Eleni (1985) argues, justice delayed is possibly justice denied in that such sadistic evil minds as we see might actually become now magically "reformed" as "family men" who even seek to play father figure to those of their victims from before as depicted in this movie from German movie producers. Not realistic an argument in my own humble view - not one bit.

Michael Rizzo Chessman