Columbo TV Series
(Peter Falk)

Perhaps the nicest such series given the truest likeability of the genuine good sort we bring you in Columbo himself - Mr. Peter Falk - who might have been from Italy I would say, along with guest stars
John Cassavetes and even Johnny Cash, the country singer in a
single episode.

Enjoy this great series, they don't seem to wanna make them this
good anymore I say!

Michael Rizzo Chessman
(moviesbyrizzo TV series uploads)

Since itunes only has Seasons 1 and 2 downloads available - and
only to bona-fide Australians, for some godforsaken reason we can
only guess at I suppose, "would you be-lieve", and since the bluray
boxset is way overprice, and since it serves our purpose as humankind
to promote the persona played here by Mr. Peter falk - a sort of
typically kindly Italian core personality as it were (he's actually Jewish
in his particular example it seems, by the way) we bring you this Xvid
(just 480p for crissakes) HDrip version for the folks - thanks for being in
support of a better way to be than the example of those who would
like to see such great material withheld or in limited display our in
our midst relative to what diversity ideas they have up their sleeves
instead for reasons we have to guess at all over again I should

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