Detroit (2017)

Detroit (2017) (USA)

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This movie takes a look at the issues of racial polarization and the
boiling pot which resulted in Detroit around such matters as these. The
tactics shown employed by the police are meant to galvanize public
opinion against those whites who remain loyal to their own idea of
communal coexisting in a way compatible to their own notions of
sustainability. Certainly Nazi like tactics are never to be employed
against those members of the communities which exist alongside,
without due regard to reason and sanity and Christianly virtue in what it
is you are doing to justify extreme tactics as shown here. In this
regard, the main character in the movie who plays a white police
officer in charge of a squad invading a Black House looking for a
sniper fails the test in regards to basic goodness of spirit I say which is
clearly evident even in how he treats the two white young women
found in a room with a black man there in an intimate situation
apparently. He cannot however be held up as what it is that the
whites are ultimately really and truly made of in regards to their merits
in arguing for their own side in such matters as all do for their own on
both sides without question. In this regards the movie is to me a piece
of propaganda against whites who I will admit have members of their
own who have failings for sure however it isn't fair to zero in there
exclusively it would appear, for the relative comparison for merits in
regards to issues of race and Christianly charity towards ones own
even and all those with merit in ultimate sense of right charity only.
Note: the opening comments (displayed in text format prior to the
start of the actual movie are provided in a jpg in either English Dutch
French German Polish Spanish or Swedish. The movie itself is provided
in its entirety aside from these prefacing comments of sorts which are
separately provided as indicated up front here.

Michael Rizzo Chessman