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Dog day afternoon (1975)

This movie about a bank heist (turned into a hostage drama and plane hijacking idea thrown in towards the end) by a character scripted to do so, and played by Al Pacino and his on-screen brother (remember "Fredo" from the Godfather movie series -
deja vu)

Its a great movie other than what the Director in his comments might be referring to as adding some incredulous idea of comedy as to script Al Pacino with a bank heist motive having a "gay partner needing an "operation" - the most extreme stretch of the give me your money as my grandmother needs an operation (line used by Steve Martin in his performance as a con artist in "Dirty rotten scoundrels") - anyway I think Al would wear those lines better (actually going to bat for someone like that in the family that is) than what hollywood scriptwriters and fellas like Lumet like to stick him with instead from what is known as penis envy perhaps - he just seems too much of a macho man everyone wants to tear down (seeming to want to retard his image from who he is that is) that doesn't
have his true added greatness of idealism of what makes him so great a guy - he is actually really nice humanly sanest amongst that bunch I make reference to, and a genuine all round nice guy - what can I say! Normal nice men can play a "gay character" to some extent (I did for a 20 minute acting role in drama class in University - but you need the action kept within limits of what is reasonable enough of a stretch for the actor displaying his acting range as I did then and as Al Pacino has done more than once including this movie and "Cruising" which we have uploaded for you. Both these movies take him to a more extreme role portrayal than he might have been used for to keep hi repertoire in check to what his core values are and sanity actually is, while still
being able to show off  bit of character range of understanding in playing a gay or gay pretending role as he does as an undercover cop in "cruising" as part of his job in pursuing a serial murder suspect in that community as scripted.

My own acting sting only involved speaking to a woman the whole time about a dead man who had supposedly been my "partner" in this regard, and spoke only of emotions arising from losing a 'partner" as scripted and as could have applied to a normal partner instead as was the case going through my own mind. Thats as far as I could ever go with this type of acting role as such

Michael Rizzo Chessman