Downton Abbey (2019) movie version

Downton Abbey (2019) - Movie version offering from earlier TV Series run (USA)

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Also check torrent sites for download options of the complete TV series (52 episodes) (moviesbyrizzo)

A North American made production of a movie from a Television Series based on the highly regarded 
Upstairs Downstairs Television Series from the UK (London Weekend Television / Granada production) 
of which we will soon be offering a 5000k video bitrate version from PAL DVD to tide us over while we 
await a release of something closer to HD if they can muster it for us - ta indeed! 

I mush prefer the UK version of such production ideas and with cast members more like "Lord" Bellamy 
(can hardly fathom while the word is used at all nowadays - no meaning to it in context whatsoever! 
- I have been a fan of Mr. David Langton's sort by relative comparison as a genuinely "good sort" 
(best of the Brits normally I say of those in Australia/NZ along with Germany/Holland too along 
the way, of this sort equally) - amen! 

Michael Rizzo Chessman