Fiddler on the roof (1971) Norman Jewison, Director

Animus quod perditit optat
The mind desires to regain that which it has lost...

With hauntingly lovely songs like "sunrise sunset" "matchmaker" "if I were a rich man" and other great favorites, this movie will always be one of the very best ever made. I cannot imagine that anyone has yet to see it and I think all libraries should be adequately stocked with many copies of it until some day when some generous soul might offer it on the Internet for global access at reasonable public domain licence acquisition cost to the patrons involved in some well meaning project to reduce cost of access to such monuments of culture as this is to the Jewish peoples in particular. The preservation of romantic ideals amid an atmosphere of retention of old ways of observing boundaries will long be debated as a watershed of sorts for cultures that have been assailed in this respect and in any event referring to those who have evolved away from the traditional and have chosen this path instead as a matter of conscience leaving those others who are equally committed to old ways based on religious conviction which often go to the very core of their belief systems as a sense of personhood for each and everyone involved. 

Michael Rizzo Chessman