for my father ( staff pick)

Latin quote: Stultum est vicinum velle ulcisci incendio -
"it is foolish to wish to be avenged upon your
 neighbour by setting fire to his house"

For my  father (Israel 2008)
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This is a movie about a misguided Arab man who is sent into Israel in order to cause harm to people there by detonating an explosive and blowing himself up with as many people he might find in a crowd at a market in what would be indiscriminate killing of innocent people by such means as this. The people who send him in seem bent on killing with little regard even to this man's life also as they are desperate we are told given the lack of progress with their political demands mainly, historically . The movie is titled "For my father" as it is, we are told for the financial benefit promised his ailing father and dependent mother - from a poor Arab family given their living conditions there often with little prospect of maintaining their spirit in dignity at times no doubt I believe in any event. The Arab man sent in to kill befriends a few of the people in the Jewish community he enters into, and most especially a beautifully spirited and charmingly attractive Jewish gal to him, I think, (Hili Yalon) who he is certainly not wanting to kill as we can see from his attentiveness to her, and kindness with caution for her safety at appropriate times as we see. I have met some lovely folks from Lebanon etc in my time and I must say that all too many Arabs are often tainted with negativity in western media who just don't deserve to be as they are beautiful human beings I find in many respects and numbers too I would add. But there are those that give everyone there a bad rap - like the terrorists we hear about now and then (ISIS militants and the like). I do hope the world will find a way eventually to cleanse the area of this element which causes harm to arabs and non arabs alike and help bring a lasting peace to the middle east benefiting both good Arab and Jewish folks such as the stars in our movie here Shredi Jabarin and Hili Yalon I certainly would never stand for any harm to come to either of them if there was anything I could do as a well wish to all good and decent of our genuinely greatly spirited folks there - whoever they may be too.

Michael Rizzo Chessman