Hitler - A Career (1977 Documentary)

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This documentary on Adolf Hitler's life in Germany, and political career as Germany's Fuhrer tells of the devastation to mankind in Europe caused by his predatory mind and those that followed him blindly even if seeming willing back then - all the way to disaster of the sort never before inflicted on mankind on the planet including Germany itself and its ultimately unwary citizenry who paid a heavy price including the partition of the country for decades after the end of the war officially as it were.

Hitler was a madman, and this sad chapter in Germany's history tells us that he was able to command and rule despite all the obvious errors - sheer madness at crucial times - ultimately what we learn is that it is the best of Germany that can speak on world issues so as to lead by example of the best thinking for good sorts on the planet - as they wouldn't have been guilty in their hearts and minds even of Hitler's wrong ideas of what constitutes superiority instead (Hitler barking on this video that men must be hard hearted -
against whom for gods sake? Think of all the Germans who died while Hitler gave not a damn for them in the insane ideas and decisions he made on their behalf) Sounds like Emma Thompson leading folks down the garden path in the movie "Carrington" in the best most recent similar example of sorts - she says she thinks "cold men" are "wiser' - she seems to prefer homosexual men for her liasons as a rejection of normally relating to those of whom she would have been doing had she not formed such hateful ideas
instead to what are normal thoughts on such matters as a raison detre (reason to live) and in this regard being "cold' or "hard hearted" as some folks like to preach is pretty much life in the sewer as I call it now.

Bonus included is a complete reading (mp3 format) of Hitler's book Mein kampf - by a British accented German literate reader - with hi-lites as to his ideas in the main in separate folder

Michael Rizzo Chessman
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