Imagining Argentina Imagining Argentina (2003

Latin quote:
Ad juga cur faciles populi, cur saeva volented regna pati pereunt?
"Why are people so docile to the yoke , why do they perish, willing
to endure cruel tyranny?"

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Stars Ms. Emma Thompson in her best role to expose evil against the human spirit, this time around, in hypothetical Argentina, starring along with greatest spirited Spanish star Mr. Antonio Banderas doing the same. (He was even married to the gloriously beautiful dearest Ms. Melanie Griffith of the good old USA!)

It is my honestly held view that the men of Spain (including those of Argentina and Chile in particular when it comes to South America) and most certainly the men of Italy ultimately too on the planet are those who remain the best surviving of the men most capable of continuing on with the most sincere human sanity including loving care for our womenfolk in the most sincere manner given naturally strongest male mores in protecting womenfolk rather than giving in to the "backwards" so-called "equal rights idea of the inane" that would ask women to fend for themselves in all regards. Not human thinking in what is sanely normal, if you ask me as a Christianly spirited Humanist crusader
(founder of and and even

Included in this movie about an oppressive evil regime preying on the good folk in Argentina is a chat with a nice Jewish couple (characters in the movie as scripted) who talk about their experiences at Aushwitz. The man looks like he is German spirited, only more humanly warm and saner than the bullshit freak in "Good evening Mr. Wallenberg" in which we find a German army soldier of low rank using a rifle butt mercilessly against a blonde woman. So much for supremacy of such minds around I say. That level of inane should be rejected all around the planet as it isn't human functioning if it is vented against our own dear best souls.

Emma Thompson does say to a prison guard in the movie who claims 'he is only doing it because he needs the work", she says to him he could well no doubt find other work if he truly wanted to, and thought about it too perhaps certainly.

I agree with Emma, the next time a dictator in South America comes along playing "banana republican" I say to our dear folks there - say NO! And "do him in" - We have enough good decent and strong Christianly spirited men down there, to win against them there, and everywhere on the planet they try to take what is ours or keep what is ours to themselves and their own, and try to rule over us by proxy
or influence etc in clear lack of any sense of merit by relative comparison I say.

thanks for sharing - grazie gracias ta danke

Michael Rizzo Chessman