Islam in Europe (Belgium TV Documentary Series Production)

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(Original series title "Allah in Europe" - we have posted it here instead titled "islam in Europe" as more tasteful articulation of the content perhaps to all concerned. Brilliant scripting as a result of the humanly warm intelligence of the reporter on these video series. Presently also viewable on youtube.

This 8 part Complete Series Documentary from Belgian TV featuring a Host for the series with multi-language skills - The interviews take part with questions he poses in English while he informs the audience in excellent Dutch and even speaks German for relevant segments all the while with English subtitles showing except when the war criminal Leader Milosevic makes his short statement on the Bosnian people who were so brutally targeted despite being mainly Europeans of good spirit who had adopted Islam rather than what was christian or other.

I remember at the time of that conflict literally screaming at a group who were demonstrating near the University of Toronto with a policeman escort - I yelled that the rape of Bosnians should for crissakes stop!

While many europeans seeing that segment here will find they do not have the horror in seeing europeans of moslem religious persuasion (although the sufi rituals would seem dissonant no doubt as extreme to their own views quite normally likely ) they experience instead while witnessing the dissonance of the imagery, views and complete lack of cohesiveness in cultural divergence in the (British) London segment (where the moslem mullahs seem unable to give honest accounts to such religious teachings as the death sentence that the religious observers are familiar with as applying to those who have left their religion or might attempt to do so perhaps even with passing Brits being mainly focussed o whether their gay son would be ok with moslems in a peaceful manner - a question met with some obvious disdain.

Thanks for sharing in actual good spirit
Michael Rizzo Chessman founder