Jerichow 2008 (Germany)

Speravi melius, quia me meruisse putavi
"I had hoped for better things in life
- because I thought I had deserved them"
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This movie from Germany is truly beautiful in some respects - I felt completely captivated from beginning to end with the  human spirit and intelligence of actress Nina Hoss
Germans like her display a spirit of warm human sanity on the planet (The movie "White Massai" left aside for the moment only to be considered an abherration of course
in what was her role in that satirical farce as it were ) And in fact nothing of British has brilliance to any extent that it lacks validity of her native Germanic intelligence
at source, I submit.
This movie does have a happy ending, however there is an unforgivable moment for the planet that makes such movies, and for the actors who allow for such scenes as to see a woman of this human supreme beauty physically assaulted by a man who isn’t taken down for it by those present and in attendance. Oh well, we have to make for a better world where no one is second guessed so easily as I have no hesitation in doing in respect of what are my own instincts of showing care and protectiveness towards kin, and our womenfolk most of all.

There are some parallels to the movie Absurdistan in showing the grave incompatibilities between eastern cultured mindsets (such as Turkey in this example) that will forever continue to persist in fundamental aspects I submit with due regard to the honesty which makes my spirit what it is.

The Turkish man in the movie describes his relationship to his German Frau as "bought" and he doesn’t hesitate to treat her this way. How very cruel indeed that anyone should find themselves in such circumstances when nothing should prevent merited people from surviving and choosing to thrive in sanity instead.
The EU has some difficult decisions head, and it is most of all my hope and prayer that its best will survive with their spirits intact - free of any influences that would tear it apart at the core.
Michael Rizzo Chessman