La cage aux folles (1978)

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This is a movie that is perhaps the best known of those in the gay genre of productions I believe.

Its a comedy that is filled with humour that's only mainly appreciated by those with the stamina and tolerance for the hi-strung personalities involved - although that's par
for the course for the gay audience of course and for those that are of the mind to indulge into theatrics and what have you!

It can be viewed with some cynicism perhaps in what is the actual accomplishment of expressing genuine care in the midst of such mayhem and satirical horseplay, however it does attempt to show some degree of caring within the community it is intended most
to be of comfort to, and is edifying in what it imparts to the non gay audience too. After all, it brings you a perspective you might otherwise lack of how many do in fact live and function in our world.

I first saw this movie when I was only eighteen, employed as a store Manager for the Radio shack chain, as a fellow Manager from a store just up the street thought it would be some comedic relief from a hectic work schedule. No regrets, it was worth seeing, however it wasn't a movie I would have picked out for myself
as it is in fact a radical departure from what level of farcical entertainment I can endure. I would instead have gone to see "The sting" starring Robert Redford as that sort of movie has humour enough in it for me.

Michael Rizzo Chessman
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