Lawrence of Arabia

Servientes servitute ego servos introduxi mihi, non qui mihi imperarent
(I have brought servants into my household to serve - not to command me

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Lawrence of arabia starring Mr. Peter O'Toole

Early in the movie, Peter O'Toole's character in the movie (as Lawrence 
of Arabia) is accused of being a "traitor" who is too much wanting to be 
on side with the Arabs - even though he earlier in the movie described 
"the people of Arabia" as "a small people, a silly people - greedy barbarous
and cruel!" (he said do upon witnessing the execution of an Arab tribesman
who drank water from the wrong well - as it turns out. Oh well by the end of
the movie he decides "I do not wish any Arab friends at all!" - his experiment
in assimilating amongst them albeit as supreme leader - a dismal failure to
his in his own mind and to his own spirit ultimately. Lawrence would be
happy to know that water is now much cheaper - thanks to the abundance
of oil - meant to benefit all in the region of course - equally, why not
This movie gives mainly a poor display of the beginnings of civil societal ideas 
of the more modern genre around some parts of the Arabian desert locales 
and surrounding parts I gather. Hollywood never did do the Arabs much justice 
in this regards.

I have to protest in this regards, given my own experience with some of the 
greatest, nicest warmest and most civil and downright truly most caring folks 
I've met along the way have been from Lebanon and maybe one or two even from 
Palestine and elsewhere around the region too, certainly I say. We surely 
shouldn't lump all together despite different merits in this regard with respect 
of the issues raised in this movie and in everyday viewing. Having misguided ideas 
which taint all could again result in needless and costly wars that lack 
fundamental justice when the wrong folks are also targeted in what is included 
for such acts of aggression it seems, against folks in the broader area I would 

Michael Rizzo Chessman