Lethal Weapon 1
 Lethal weapon   

Lethal Weapon 2
Lethal weapon

si vis amari, ama!
Love - if you wish to be loved!

Lethal Weapon (Parts 1 through 4 in series)
Mel Gibson, Patsy Kensit (10mostbeautifulwomen.com) and others

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This apparent crime series (Mel Gibson and Danny Glover play American policemen
cast as battling crime) there is some petty politicking and social engineering going on.

This is mainly an attempt to bring races together on the idea of Danny Glover's black daughter flirting perhaps a bit with Mel Gibson in a bid to break down the resistance of deeply felt mores down there - at the time in any event i suspect.

In Lethal weapon 2 (the best of the series I think no doubt given the presence of stunningly
beautiful actress from Ireland dear Ms. Patricia Kensit (who will soon be featured at our
beauty site www.10mostbeautifulwomen.com we expect), Mel Gibson finds true love with
Ms. Kensit, while being pitted again't the folks from White south Africa in a script intended
to make them look evil in their capacities to potentially even harm the dearest soul on the planet - Ms. Kensit - hogwash I say!  In one scene Danny Glover vents his anger at white folks at the South African embassy with some name calling and the like.

Michael Rizzo Chessman