Sicut dies juventutis tuae, ita et senectutis (Latin expression)
translated: "As are the days of thy youth, such shall follow those of thy old age"

Mary Poppins  (1964) - Ms. Julie Andrews

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"Wanted! a nanny for two adorable children if you want this position
you must have a cheerful disposition... you must be kind and witty...
never be cross or cruel..."

What great words of widsom from the most
brilliant children in this movie example!

Mary Poppins is as great a movie for most kids as is The Sound of Music
I daresay, and I enjoyed it as a child myself as it in fact also stars Ms. Julie Andrews
of course and has a similar storyline to some degree.

Lovely spirited British kids with the best example of wisdom given the words in
the script indicated above for a righter choice of nanny role model certainly
Great songs for the children to grow up with compared to whats around now
all too much by comparison I'd say !


Michael Rizzo Chessman