Mother of mine (sweden 2005)

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Mother of Mine (2005) - (Sweden)

During WWII about 70,000 children from Finland are said to have been sent to neutral Sweden to avoid the ramifications of the war. This is a story about one young boy who was part of this exodus for a time. The family he is sent to live with in Sweden as the story goes involve a nice Swedish man who always has sensible enough ideas about how to deal with matters as they arise, and his wife, who is terribly portrayed an a sometimes cruelly thinking woman with irrationality in her Ejudgement and harshness in her expressions at times. A particular scene of note is when she pulls her father away from the dinner table before it appeared he was finished eating his food. The woman portrayed in the movie as the adopted mother for a time comes from a stock that is known for its capacity for effusive loving and caring capacities to give human warmth. But for this spirit to thrive and weather the storms, mitigation must be employed against the ravages of the earth as the nicest people are always the targets of those who would do evil in our world so many have suffered too greatly over time to have remained true to their original spirit at all times. As new generations form, care must be taken to prevent harm coming to the best possible human spirit development in all ways possible, and this spirit must be nurtured and protected with all the means at our disposal as good people. The character played by the woman who is the adopted Swedish mother in the movie still displays the capacity to somewhat make up for wrongs in her own way. Despite having been cruel from some perspective to the little boy at first at some point she presents him with a bicycle hoping to heal his spirit I suppose. I sort of doubted at some point that the movie would actually be made by a Swedish group rather than say those that claim the Finnish children weren't always given the best treatment. In this respect I find the IMDB listing appears to indicate this a a movie from Finland instead - although it is in the Swedish language and perhaps filmed in Sweden too. Not to paint with a broad brush, the transgressions of a single woman played in the movie should hardly take away from what we know of the great humanly warm spirit of Sweden - long may it continue to exist. amen Michael Rizzo Chessman (moviesbyrizzo)