1984 (Orwell)

Nineteen Eighty-Four
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This Stars Mr. Richard Burton as a sadistically driven maniac intent on devouring the human spirit displayed by John Hurt's character with cruelty which boggles the mind. Although looking like a survivor in the aftermath of it all, it is unlikely that his human sanity could possibly have survived in any meaningful way given the totality of the experiences inflicted on the population in this futuristic "Orwellian" society hell bent on oppressing and retarding the human spirit through demonic levels of mind control and deception combined with totalitarian oppression of the spirit. I have no doubt that a good many people live with such fantasies of destroying the sanity of men to satisfy evil needs of alien spirits to those who remain truly loyal to the cause of true notions of Human idealism and Humanistic beauty in our midst.

Michael Rizzo Chessman