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no (Chile - 2012) (Pablo Parrain)

This movie is a brief look at political life under the fascist dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in Chile brought into power by a CIA backed coup (similar to what they did to Iran to get cheap cheap oil at the time despite the poverty of the people - similar to what satanic "mullah minded sharia law proponent" forces now siphon off food monies meant for our folks in Iran, being sent into needlessly and ultimately fruitless ideas of war mongering and arms spending instead trying to spread disunion and conflict in the region).

Fascist regimes have so far been historically partly a reaction against growing communist influence and power and to counter this effect to the fullest extent possible with maximum force employed.

The problem confronting Chile back then was leftist ideology that would have seen control of economic resources and its allocation focused on the masses with seeming little regard to the powerful forces already controlling the economy and unwilling to share as those of extremist leftist leanings would want to see happen - then and now even - everywhere you look it seems.  Communist ideology has friends even today in the United states leadership roster of recent memory in the person of Senator Bernie sanders who has made statements that Americans shouldn't really be so well off until all in Africa it would appear is what he said, have as much or closely as much to he said in a statement on facebook not too long ago.

Many people were murdered under Pinochet with the full knowledge of those in power and those supporting them (my own dear bother in law Jose Beltran of Chile was tortured by these bastards that were personally involved - Jose is a man of goodness that is godlike in my own honest view I must tell you) So I use my words with care.

Of course where there is homogeneity of race and culture with no extremes involved including levels of education and cohesion in a community or country or even continent, I believe the willingness to share more liberally with ones own is only a natural instinct which must be seen through to the fullest extent of what would be practicable and fair and sustainable therefore.

On the other hand where these factors are absent, where there is racial division, social fragmentation and lack of achievable cohesiveness resulting from such factors in nature, there will always be seen to be inevitable seeds of conflict present as none wish to relent in winning for their own sides, intending on fairness or unfairness, depending on whose side you are ultimately on, despite what appears superficially I now say, on the surface, to seem the side one would have expected you to be on as many have fallen away from what would have been their own community to relate to based on prima facie factors previously seeming to have had its effect in the minds of such folks previous
to the current era we find ourselves in, I say with care.

Michael Rizzo Chessman