Persuasion 2007                                                                                                                           

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It is often suggested that "Persuasion" is Jane Austen's novel that was in some
respect autobiographical perhaps. There is some mention of her distaste of Bath
as a place of her liking and there may be other aspects too that suggest she is
somehow relating a story that mirrors her own lot in life in giving us the
character of "Anne" in this final of her novels.

What is most interesting to me personally in this story is the theme that often
is encountered from such writers in the contrasts between characters such as that
of Anne versus that of Louisa Musgrove in what would be a suitable match for
Captain Wentworth's character in this tale.

For his own part, Captain Wentworth indicates he is seeking a woman who isn't
fragile in her emotions. He wants a woman who "wont be swayed" he tells us.

Yet considering his own good nature and strength of great character, it would
hardly do him justice to be saddled with such a disposition upon his own spirit.
In this regard, I think we are scripting for Captain Wentworth, an unwise
position on the matter - to his own honest interests, as he is in fact clearly
best served in life by staying close to the knitting instead of the likes of
the lovely Miss Louisa Musgrove.

Enough said, perhaps! Enjoy the show, Jane Austen never fails to impress
in old fashioned wit of the greatest of languages which English is!

Michael Rizzo Chessman