Der Pianist- The Pianist  
2002) - directed by Roman Polanski

Latin quote: Si turpa sunt  quae facis, quid refert neminem scire cum
tu scias?
"If what you do (or think) is disgraceful, what does it matter
even if nobody else knows or can even guess? (After all you still do)"

ita volerunt ita factum est "so they wished it so it is done"

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This is a movie that would have better not been made in my own
particular view. In addition to some common scenes of the sort of
gratuitous violence we could do without, there are some disturbing
scenes that when held to some degree of scrutiny for historical
fact or fiction for that matter, do not appear to pass the muster
in one case and in the other, is a dastardly deed of an idea to
display without some sort of indignation and indeed sanction in
the minds of those viewing. 

I refer most particularly to the cold blooded execution style
killing of a woman of Jewish decent from an area in Poland, shot
in the head at close range and with no absence of malice or
forethought present in the mind of the executioner.

The other scene shows a level of depravity on the part of a man that takes all the food that an old starving, desperate
 woman had for her life savings and shows her no mercy in leaving her nothing at all of a huge meal that he makes for himself after causing her to let the food fall out of her hands and from the storage container onto the ground. This is a scene that does a disservice to the victims of Auschwitz in particular and has no grounding in historical fact in such degree as to cause a valid generalization to be inferred as valid from what is depicted as perhaps even an isolated incident, when in fact the chances of such a travesty ever occurring among the members of the community would be a rank offence probably never heard of in the entire history of the culture of the peoples there. I therefore have to
ask why its posited as a valid incident for purposes of giving
impressions of what was possible or probable at least to the
extent of justifying a key scene in the movie that was most memorable for many that would have seen it as that is the level
of dissonance that would be involved for an ordinary viewer of
any persuasion at all, on the historical events of the holocaust. 

When I first saw this movie my inclination was that it should be pulled off shelves and not sold for any profits whatever. that remains my view today, and I think all that get to see this movie should be warned that it is in fact not a very nice treatment of the issues involved and as such should be taken with a grain of salt with a view of never making an unsupervised movie in Hollywood again, since it likely wouldn't pass censors that would look for obvious miscarriage of justice issues that would be involved in inflicting these images on mankind.

We have all become desensitized to viewing unpleasant images on the movie screen of late given new found egalitarian ideals and what have you that challenge what have been perspectives of relative merit and fairness based thereon, etc so that the particular mindset that wishes to see insensitivity win the day, inanity prevail, that is the mindset that wins, and that can be the only agenda here. we go too far with these views and I for one would like to see a return to morality and good taste on such matters as involve us here with this movie choice.

The more you accept of unpleasant images around you that defy your sense of good judgment, the more you accept the sort of world that is advocated by the inane who have an agenda to see this through. Best to call a spade a spade and say, I've had enough of this, please stop.

Michael Rizzo Chessman