Deligas tantum quem diligas
"Only choose such a man as you can love"

Every disposition has a propensity towards evil
- Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) (quoting Immanuel Kant)

Sua confessione hune jugulo
I condemn this man based on his own confession!

Pride and Prejudice (1995) (Jane Austen) UK TV

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Jane Austen has always been a most favourite novelist! Her wit and candor
have always been truly impressive to those that come upon her in one way or

Pride and Prejudice is a wake-up call for those that choose to display
a tendency to hatefulness which they need not do, and which they can instead
control using their better instincts and judgment. This is true of the character
of Mr. Darcy who nonetheless has his own idea of redeeming qualities I suppose,
guided by the alluring Ms. Elizabeth. I find myself personally quite taken by 
Ms. Charlotte who it appears is resigned to her lot in life absent of romantic
fulfillment in what is an era concerned with security and comfort in the basics
of life equally - or even more so perhaps.

As to the culture that saw many women as lower forms of beings in some respect
if their families didn't match in attainment of wealth as similar levels to
the superior achievers, or who might be ostracized in all of their prospects for 
happiness or fortune for the mishap of a single elopement in the family (and what
have you), thank goodness for progress in our world! It is an education indeed
to hear British culture as practiced at the time described in the words used
in plain fashion in this writing of Jane Austen most particularly I think -
amidst other such writers in any event.

Lets decide to equally render obsolete (anachronistic in respect of propriety)
the musings of Mr. Darcy who Miss Elizabeth describes as a man lacking true
virtue at the start in that he displays too much of a propensity to hate all
that he encounters rather than putting some more sense into his views as she
thinks he might do instead.

In any event, her beauty and charm win the day as he is certainly won over in his
efforts to improve himself morally in this respect.

All's well that ends well - A great story in perhaps what remains the most
celebrated of novels ever written in the English language.

Michael Rizzo Chessman

By the way, whether its this series or the Upstairs Downstairs series
etc - the British have an unequaled mind for what is supremely 
beautiful music to the ears around Europe I say!

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