Righteous Kill    Righteous Kill


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Stars the greatest actors of our time Mr Al Pacino Mr Robert De Niro, and the equally enchanting human beauty of Australia Ms. Trilby Glover. Co-stars Mr. Brian Dennehy (Presumed Innocent 1990) and Swedish Scottish French Canadian actor Mr. Donnie Wahlberg (Story is based loosely on the idea of "Star Chamber" in that of "Unsanctioned informal execution of so-called justice" - with merit in some cases no doubt aurguably) This is not a movie that tells the tale with honesty and integrity , instead it tries to make the best of men look like they like to dispense justice when an evil flawed system has failed (due to loopholes too many evil doers potentially get away with being allowed to make use of by pulling strings) as only seeking justice because they "like using a a gun" or so it would appear. Giving them no respect or consideration for what is their great idealism instead, which would never see them involved in a vicious attack on a woman as is played out as being supposedly done by Al Pacino's character in the movie. or to allow a supremely beautiful human angelic spirit from Australia to be put in harms way by De Niro and Pacino as New York detectives trying to ensnare a vicious and menacing drug dealing extortionist known to be involved in murders too which turns out to be hell for our dear gal on the screen. Anyway its not a movie for fans of our dear best folks cast in this movie to have missed seeing - didn't even know about this movie till I found it in a movie store last night.

Michael Rizzo Chessman