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TThis PBS documentary from the folks at FRONTLINE tells of the despicable human rights abuses such as torture or women including electrocution strategies along with sexual violations all along while under constant conditions of torture specific targeted women especially have been subjected to. Then there's the murder of a Human Rights dissident at the Saudi embassy in Turkey which the UN has found the Saudi admin directly guilty of at the highest levels and in fact we fnd that they have orchestrated mercy outcomes for the murderers involved by extracting "forgiveness claims" from family members of the victim.

Meanwhile women are stoned to death in Saudi when they find love outside marriage,
in a barbaric neanderthal practiceby a judicial witches mindset devoid of human sanity.
Their religious fervour in such matters involves such teachings from their holy book
which grants men the right to "beat their wives" if they "fear disobedience"


Michael Rizzo Chessman