Sea of love

Sea of Love - Al pacino, Ellen Barkin (1989)

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This interesting crime story made into a movie stars the very best of men - Al Pacino with 
the best of dear gals - beautiful Ms. Ekken Barkin as his lover. 

Ellen radiates a Christianly spirit which comes from the core of her dear soul and which she 
must only share with deserving men like Al Pacino and men like him who have his greatest 
sense of true idealism and spirit and strength to support her and keep her sane in this crazy 
world of ours. 

No men can do better than thse great men whether from Italy Spain Germany Australia 
and elsewhere (that are altogether related to this spirit of course) 

Do enjoy this great movie with a couple of the best folks on the planet - 
American gals are simply among the best to be found as we have to be thankful to 
Germany and Irish Sweden (mainly too) for such a lovely and truly beautiful blessing. 

Michael Rizzo Chessman