Tros, Tyriusve mihi nullo discrimine agitur
"Trojan or Tyrian - I treat them as the same without discerning between them..."

Serpico (1973) (Mr. Al Pacino)
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Al Pacino, (nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor for this movie role) the best of thetypical such great  men of Italy in my  sincere (and reasoned) view, plays a New York Detective unable to accept corruption as a normal part of life as it then is on the New York

Some people do deserve more than they get, some deserve less than the system allows them -  however there are better ways to ensure this than by being outside the law all your life I think.

I also must point out that it is the men of his genre whose sense of idealism and good spirit knows no limits can be at their best only when they are justly rewarded for who it is they are and can be to others in their midst who are equally deserving as they. In this regard, the outbursts against the woman he is cast with find their place as dissonant and best avoided, while better matches be sought for both in compatible regards and in an effort to engage at their best both who are concerned so the best human spirit can prevail and remain vibrant on the earth for posterity too certainly - how else could we possibly survive?

I did note to a couple of police staffers back in 2009 that they should be aware that the best men of Idealistic spirit (i pointed out the Italian gentleman police officer on duty at 52 Div  that day here in Toronto) are the most trustworthy and sane in their dealings I find and the most reasoning from a human perspective - the two I was dealing with instead that day seemed only superficially polite (at best) despite mainly radiating heavily with negatively spirited instincts in matters of conscience in my own regards, and this showed in all which followed in the matter - more evidence for my upcoming book!

Michael Rizzo Chessman