South Africa - Beyond apartheid -
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Stander - South Africa

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This short program speaks to the earlier success of South Africa, and then the difficulties brought on by sanctions designed to achieve black majority rule (sanctions were at that time brought about and sponsored at that time mainly by Canada and other such nations in Europe etc). Finally the documentary tells us how South Africa is now coping despite high crime rates (a breakdown in law and order following the end of the white Regime) including murders, car jackings, rapes and armed robberies. It should be noted that at one point South Africa was considered a paradise of sorts for its white settlers, however the model was at that time unsustainable given the resources required to manage the system of racial segregation and it will probably be a lesson that will remain for those involved that Blacks and Europeans must eventually settle in their own separate areas on the planet rather than rule each other - in order to achieve harmony within the social fabrics involved For my part I am continually saddened by the lack of action on the part of our Government in Canada to grant citizenship rights automatically to those whites feeling the high crime factor, and violence directed against their community there (the farmers in particular) over the years. Such hypocrisy about supposedly being concerned with "human rights" for our folks everywhere is clearly a sham idea when Canadians act in this manner through their regime at the present time. I have never met such nice people as the Dutch from South Africa (including Henry and Tonia Schol who gave me a job at their restaurant in Brandon Canada while I was a teenager in High School here), and those folks I met and dealt with in business as a Computer Consultant and Software Developer (Accounting and database systems) decades later such as at "Tie Rack Canada" and "Entre Computer Centers in Richmond Hill Canada" (of whom they were clients at the time). I do wish these folks the best and will do whatever I can to make for a better planet for them in which to exist free from negative constraints in their environment generally speaking I might add. They are a greatest joy to be around and deserve all we can do to make this happen for them, including urgent visa offers from Canada and Europe generally speaking, certainly including The Netherlands and France Germany too perhaps.

Michael Rizzo Chessman