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Stalingrad (2013)

This movie deals with the disastrous incursions into Russian territory and soil by forces loyal to Adolf Hitler.  This version
omits the narration in Japanese prior to the start of the movie
and instead begins at the precise point where "Stalingrad"
appears on screen announcing the start of the actual movie as I
see it.

The ugliness of a certain attitude of labeling the beautiful blonde Irish spirited woman of Russia (dear Masha) who looks very much similar to German star Fraulein Ms. Nina Hoss at least equally I would submit, only more beautiful even in my own view - labelled a "whore" who is either "filth" or "scum" by a senior German army officer played by Heiner Lauterbach - a woman the German officer played by the likeable indeed Thomas Kretschmann (also in Roman Polanski's The Pianist, you might recall) happens to have fallen in love with is a low moment in our history as men of chivalry on the earth who must stand against such misogynist bigotry and ugliness of spirit underneath, despite the seeming semblance of Order and discipline and feigned notions of "polite discourse' which ramblings amount to nothing of merit in view of such conduct I believe.

Lauterbach's character even seeming quite sadistic in the affair has a jewish woman and child burned alive earlier in the action.

Michael Rizzo Chessman